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Have You Been Hurt By Dr. Tvedten & His Staff?

We can help you. We have attorneys that will file a claim for civil judgement. Dr. Tvedten has been sued several times before. Don’t let him get away with what he has done! Advertisements

Shocking!! Old licensure reports reveal Little Rock Family Planning Services didn’t even have SOAP DISPENSERS in the OR!!

redacted Little Rock Family Planning documents These documents are pretty lengthy, they show the transfer of ownership from Dr. Edwards to Dr. Tvedten and    an inspection report that revealed the clinic had NO SOAP dispensers.




This is the transcript from a call placed in 2011. The employee Chris tells the child no one needs to know she was impregnated by her 22 year old boyfriend. http://www.childpredators.com/Tapes/detail.cfm?state=Arkansas&city=Little%20Rock LITTLE ROCK FAMILY PLANNING SERVICES 4 OFFICE PARK DR. LITTLE ROCK, AR 72211 501-225-3836 TAPE – 690 (dialing sound) (ringing 5X) CLINIC: Little Rock … Continue reading

How well do you know your abortionist?

Dr. Thomas Tvedten is not your typical abortionist.  Oh no most abortionists stay out of the headlines.  Thomas Tvedten craves the attention.  He is a big fan of 911 conspiracy theories.  He is a rabid drunk,  and has a problem even coming to work sober.  He has had his license suspended for overdosing patients and … Continue reading