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*Shocking* Former Abortion Workers Testimony *Shocking*


After much meditation and prayer I have decided to come forward to tell you about my experience at Little Rock Family Planning Services. I know some of the activity was illegal but I need to tell what happened so many more women won’t be hurt. I have always be a firm supporter of women’s rights. What happened to me made me reevaluate that in every way.  I started out by just answering phones. I have not had any medical training but before long I was asked to start IV fluids, dispense medications, preform ultrasounds, and even account for the products of conception. Dr. Tvedten told me he would pay me more money. I needed the extra money since my house was about to be foreclosed on. It felt okay at first. I realized quickly what I was doing was not only wrong but illegal. It all started on a Friday morning when Natalie Tvedten asked me to take over for a coworker in the ultrasound room because she had to go home because she was sick. I had never done an ultrasound before and had no idea what I was doing. I asked Natalie what to do and she told me to just rub in on her stomach and use my imagination and document it when the other workers name and say the women was 7 weeks along. I have had a child and know that a baby bump doesn’t appear at 7 weeks. I did what I was told though. The more I agreed to do things, the more it seemed I was being trusted to do other procedures such as start IV fluids. I started to feel important like one of the crew. Before then I was pretty much ignored. One Thursday a young lady came in for an appointment and I was asked to assist in the termination of her pregnancy. After it was done, Dr. Tvedten hands were shaking so hard he asked me to account for the products of conception. I had to make sure no tissue was left inside the young lady because she could get sick. Two days later that same woman came back to the clinic in horrific pain and a temperature of 104. I started to panic because I thought I would be in trouble. Lori and Natalie pulled me aside and told me to go pull her chart and to hide it. Natalie said if anything came of this, that I can be charged with attempted murder. I was scared out of my mind. I knew at that instant I had to leave.  I finished the day out and just pretended nothing was wrong. Lori even ordered pizza and joked over lunch telling us that is how you fix a problem. You make it as it doesn’t exist. I wasn’t on schedule until the next Wednesday. I never went back. Since I left I have received numerous threats and have been told if I come forward I will be hurt. I am no longer scared. I am doing the right thing. I just want women to stop being hurt. The things that Lori, Natalie, and Dr. Tvedten asked me to do were illegal and wrong. I know my story matters. My friend is still working at the clinic. She has a young daughter and is facing some terrible financial burdens.

The folks at the blog that I contacted are working with her  to help find her another job and get funds together so she can quit. Be in prayer with us  for her safety and courage.

Thank you for letting me share my testimony. Be blessed .



2 thoughts on “*Shocking* Former Abortion Workers Testimony *Shocking*

  1. Hi, I am part of a non profit organization called http://www.every20seconds.org and we have been doing our best to educate the citizens of Arkansas to wake up to this murder going on. I really think this story needs to be brought into the light and told all around. We are filming a documentary and would love to get an interview with this person. We could blacken out there image and make it anonymous. We would love to help this person get another job and take care of anything they may need. Please, reach out to us on this we want to all we can to expose Tveden and the clinic. Thanks Matt

    Posted by Matt Sterling | June 10, 2013, 7:13 PM
  2. We had to change / add some of the details to protect the identity of this employee.

    Posted by Little Rock Family Planning Services | June 12, 2013, 11:19 AM

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