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Dangers Exposed With New Inspection Report

Another alarming inspection report for Little Rock Family Planning Services released today!


Clinic exposed patients to dirty linens and blankets,  dispensed expired medications, no plan in place to protect patients from TB, and no plan in place to report infectious diseases. Please note, the deficiencies related to the expired drugs being used on patients is a repeat offense, that can cause serious complications especially if these expired drugs are being used to treat patients during an emergency!



5 thoughts on “Dangers Exposed With New Inspection Report

  1. Need to enact the Heartbeat Bill because 20 weeks to me is murder 5 months out of the 9 wow.These same hypocrites will tell you we need to ban guns which is a constitutional right while abortions is court ordered people ever hear of adoption agencies or trying to keep legs closed ? abortions is not a birth control device. And with this delusional POTUS now we have to flip part of the bill? Stupid Liberals. Liberal Democrats always infringing on our rights. Democrats and Liberals need to end the war on women.

    Posted by kevin tobey | June 1, 2013, 2:07 PM
    • have at it genius, the courts will throw it out and taxpayers’ money will be wasted. you want to make womens’ medical decisions for them? i want to make yours, starting with a lobotomy. oh wait, you already had one.

      Posted by Mill Run | June 4, 2013, 1:52 PM


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