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Do you want to be the next victim at Little Rock Family Planning clinic?

911 report for Little RoAs you can see in this document ambulances have been called out for emergency help from Little Rock Family Planning Services located at 4 Office Park Dr. Little Rock AR. 7 times from Oct 2009 through Jan 21, 2012 all patients were brought to UAMS Hospital.  We encourage all those who have been injured at this facility to contact the Medical Board of Arkansas asap here: http://www.armedicalboard.org/public/complaint.aspxal complaints to the medical board are protected so your  identity will also be anonymous.  You deserve safe medical care by responsible physicians and licensed trained staff that care about your safety and don’t  view you as a # and $$$$ in their pocket in a safe and sterile facility, unlike incompetent physicians like Dr. Tvedten PicsArt_1368043922206who isn’t even a board certified Ob/ Gyn or a Gynecologist,who has sent 11 patients to the emergency room in the last few years!

Abortion is often done in secret which makes you, the patient particularly vulnerable to become a victim of abuse from a person who preys off of desperate vulnerable women. Please make sure you understand your rights , protect yourself and women in the future from becoming victims at the hands of Dr. Tvedten.  You may be entitled to compensation for your injury and pain and suffering.  If you want help please send us an anonymous comment and we can direct you to an attorney in the area!  Help us protect women of Arkansas today and share this site with your friends.arkansaspregnancyhelp



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